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My name is Isaac, 30 years old from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I have set this blog up for the purpose of documenting the journey I am taking following Mark Knopfler’s Kill to Get Crimson tour in North America, in the summer of 2008.

The North American leg of the tour, as well as my journey, begins June 24th in Morrison, Colorado and ends on July 31st in Miami Beach, Florida.

Even though I intend to write on a daily basis, publishing the stories onto the server would be tricky. After all, we’re talking about vast distances which will be primarily crossed by driving, and there is no way for me to predict the availability of Internet connection throughout the way.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Red Rocks Really Rocks

12:50pm Mountain Time now, I’m sitting on the floor in Denver International Airport as my laptop is in some dire need of electricity and the only jacks I could find have no chairs around them.

What a wild day yesterday was. After spending some time in Morrison, I took a short drive to Evergreen, which is a nice little town surrounded by mountains. After some more aimless driving, I decided to just go and explore the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

I am not a concert venue fanatic. I haven’t been in many concerts in my life; up until yesterday’s show, I’ve only been in 7 concerts during my entire 30 years of living, 6 of which are Mark Knopfler’s (the seventh being Guns n’ Roses in the summer of 1992. Well, everybody is 14 years old at some point). Still I can’t seem to think how could any venue in the world be any better than the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

It’s got it all: It’s absolutely amazing in looks, the sound is fantastic, access is very easy, signs all over the place tell you where to go. And the view! Simply amazing!

Shortly before the show I met April & Chris, who invited me to spend the night in their house. I also met April’s sister, Nancy. It was great meeting with them—very nice people! We talked a lot, spent some time together after the show (waiting for the hordes of people to leave the venue) and then went to their place where I spent the night.

April & Chris—Thank you!

As for the show: It was brilliant. It appears that the band well used their 9 days break between the European leg & the North American one. They seemed very energetic and seemed to have excellent time playing.

The venue’s acoustics contributed a lot to the sound. And Knopfler, being well rested, played some unforgettable guitar solos that blew our minds. It was my first time ever to hear Hill Farmer’s Blues and Marbletown live, and his guitar work there was absolutely stunning.

The concert had a really good mix of Knopfler’s lifetime work, including Dire Straits work of course. I will not publish a set list as this may be considered a “spoiler” for some people, but I can say that there’s a very good selection of songs from Knopfler’s entire career.

At some point during the concert, something with the lighting was screwed up and the entire band was in the dark, except for Knopfler, who didn’t miss the opportunity to show some good Scottish humor (“Richard, I can’t see you... Guys, I can’t see any of you...” well I guess you had to be there to understand how funny it actually was).

That’s it for now. My flight to Salt Lake City departs in just about an hour. Will keep you posted when I get Internet connection again.

So long,

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