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My name is Isaac, 30 years old from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I have set this blog up for the purpose of documenting the journey I am taking following Mark Knopfler’s Kill to Get Crimson tour in North America, in the summer of 2008.

The North American leg of the tour, as well as my journey, begins June 24th in Morrison, Colorado and ends on July 31st in Miami Beach, Florida.

Even though I intend to write on a daily basis, publishing the stories onto the server would be tricky. After all, we’re talking about vast distances which will be primarily crossed by driving, and there is no way for me to predict the availability of Internet connection throughout the way.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

“Cheers” (the Replica)

So before I head my way to Syracuse, I decided to spend some time in downtown Boston. I have never been here before, which is a total shame as this appears a really cool place to hang out.

It turns out that, when you punch in “Boston, MA” to my GPS, it takes you right to the heart of downtown. This is very useful for people like me who otherwise would have no idea where downtown is. It’s Sunday so traffic wasn’t that bad. I can’t imagine how it is in weekdays, though. As you approach the downtown area, the roads become more and more convoluted and narrow.

I took the GPS with me, set to “Pedestrian Mode” which, I believe, is the same as “Automobile” except that it ignores “one way”‐ness. I found a parking spot on the street, right in Oliver & Franklin, which is a short 5 minutes walk from the Merchants’ Square.

Wandering around I noticed this place called “Cheers”. It turned out to be a replica of the “real” “Cheers” pub which is about 15 minutes walk from here. The interior looks very similar to what’s seen on TV.

I am waiting for my order now. I hope I have enough time to check out the original “Cheers”. One of my all‐time favourite TV shows, back from the days I used to watch TV regularly (nowadays I’m just too busy. It’s amazing how much of your schedule is freed once you give up television).

So I’m expecting an easy drive today to Syracuse. It’s a Sunday, and nobody drives to Syracuse unless he/she has a good reason to (that’s what I was told). I have been in Syracuse once before, about five years ago.

I am planning to drive home right after the concert. Tomorrow there’s no concert, and I’ll be flying from Buffalo to Baltimore, to catch the Vienna show. If anybody happens to live nearby the Baltimore airport and is willing to give me a ride to the venue—please speak up!

Food’s here…



Anonymous said...

Isaac, The theater was so packed by the time we took our seats in Syracuse last night that I didn't have time to find you. We did get to sit in the front row and we thought the band was as good as the two shows in California, which seems impossible, but true. I know Emily and am so glad you got to meet her and the gang in Boston. Finally, you went to a M&G. Although that makes me extremely jealous, I am happy for you. I still haven't a clue as to how to get into one. I did manage to get a really nice poster of Mark from a record store near the Landmark Theater. Just walked in and asked them if they'd mind parting with the poster and they gladly handed it over. Now I have a nice souvenir to frame. By the way, we hit the worst thunderstorm driving to the theater...bad enough to have to be in Syracuse, but the storm almost killed us. Enjoy the last leg of your magnificent journey. Thanks for the great blog. I'll look for your posts on the Forum. Nancy King

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
That thunderstorm was amazingly scary. I had to pull over and just stop the car because it was impossible to drive. Glad you made it to the show...

"Bad enough to have to be in Syracuse"... LOL. :-) Come on, it's not THAT bad. I've seen worse. Much, much worse.