Welcome to my Kill to Get Crimson 2008 tour blog!

My name is Isaac, 30 years old from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I have set this blog up for the purpose of documenting the journey I am taking following Mark Knopfler’s Kill to Get Crimson tour in North America, in the summer of 2008.

The North American leg of the tour, as well as my journey, begins June 24th in Morrison, Colorado and ends on July 31st in Miami Beach, Florida.

Even though I intend to write on a daily basis, publishing the stories onto the server would be tricky. After all, we’re talking about vast distances which will be primarily crossed by driving, and there is no way for me to predict the availability of Internet connection throughout the way.

So… make yourself at home and feel free to drop a comment.



Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hmmm… That Can’t Be Good

The hours of driving are starting to show their signs, I guess. Halfway through the concert tonight I started feeling some pain in my lower back. I can’t recall carrying anything extremely heavy recently so I suspect that this is because of the hours and hours of driving.

I certainly hope that this goes away pretty soon. I’m expecting some long drives once we enter Canada… if the pain doesn’t go away, then it means that I’ll have to work out some different method of transportation and it is going to suck big time, especially for my heirs as there will be much less assets to be passed to them once I depart this planet. Air travel in Canada is so ridiculously expensive. Example: One way flight from Vancouver to Kelowna—a mere 1 hour flight—about $300.

God, make this pain go away… please!


Anonymous said...

I use a device called "Drivease" for extensive driving, and it's made a big difference in reducing back discomfort. I don't know if it's available in stores though, sorry.

That was a great concert tonight though, and the lightning storm just enhanced it. :-) I really envy you being able to go to so many performances this summer.

Anonymous said...

(By not available in stores, I meant that I think it's internet-order only, which could be challenging when you're traveling the way you are.)