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My name is Isaac, 30 years old from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I have set this blog up for the purpose of documenting the journey I am taking following Mark Knopfler’s Kill to Get Crimson tour in North America, in the summer of 2008.

The North American leg of the tour, as well as my journey, begins June 24th in Morrison, Colorado and ends on July 31st in Miami Beach, Florida.

Even though I intend to write on a daily basis, publishing the stories onto the server would be tricky. After all, we’re talking about vast distances which will be primarily crossed by driving, and there is no way for me to predict the availability of Internet connection throughout the way.

So… make yourself at home and feel free to drop a comment.



Friday, July 04, 2008

Nashville Show

So I ended up buying a ticket to the Nashville show through Ticketmaster.

There was a good ticket on sale in eBay but I missed it. Regardless, the price was more expensive than the face value + shipping / handling, so even if I didn’t miss the window, I’m sure I wouldn’t win that bid as I would offer not much more than the face value. There are way too many scalpers out there, working the job that is, for me, one of the lowest most despicable form of earning income.

The ticket I got, anyway, is a really sad, gloomy ticket. Balcony, section 9 (far left), seat 5. I’m not sure I’ll even get to see the stage. If anybody comes across a better ticket or has one to sell, please let me know.

A posting about Vancouver will follow later on today—I have written a part of it already as a draft but I need to get going to get my new rental car and start driving to Kelowna.

Talk soon,


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